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I may or may not be obsessed with my dog KC. Okay, okay, I totally am!
But how does that relate to me & crochet you may ask? Well I tend look for custom items that I can have made to look like my pretty girl, or at least an Akita. We have mugs, a cookie jar, stitch markers (that aren't used in my crochet... yet), even our wedding cake toppers were made to look like KC!

So in my search for KC/Akita related items I came across a crochet pattern for an Akita that looks surprisingly like miss KC!

Something else you should know, I say "I could make that!" a lot, and would rather make something than buy it. So after seeing this pattern and having a bit of an "AHHA!" moment I asked for a book on how to crochet Amigurumi's for Christmas.

I ended up getting one and took one look at the patterns and thought I was back in high school French! So I YouTube'd and taught myself how to crochet! I haven't stopped since!

Have I crocheted a KC Ami? Nope.

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