Saturday, February 1, 2014

Boston Strong Bear, Bisby

This Boston Strong Bear, his name is Bisby. He was made to donate to the Maine Children's Cancer Program. This is the second year I will be jumping into the frozen Sebago lake to raise funds for MCCP. This year, for every $10+ donation I will make a stuffed animal to donate to the kids at the MCCP. A Boston Strong Bear was requested that I make by the person who made the first donation, he asked for a Boston Strong something, so I thought a Polar Bear would be fitting since it is for a Polar Dip :-)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Abbi the Penguin

Abbi is visiting the "tropics" on vacation and our Maine winters are a heatwave to her! She is a sweet and funny little girl who loves singing and sliding on her belly.

Abbi was crocheted using acrylic yarn, fiberfil & safety eyes using a FreshStitches pattern. She stands 8 inches tall. You can purchase her here for $30 USD.

Mojito the Dragon

This little guy was crocheted using FreshStitches Choose Your Own Dragon Adventure Pattern & some Bernat Super Value & Red Heart SuperSaver yarn. He is a sweet little guy who thinks he's tough, if you just play along he will behave nicely. If not you better hope he doesn't master the art of fire breathing! You can purchase him, or any of his other colorful dragon friends, here for $45 USD.

Friday, July 12, 2013

FO Friday, 7.12.13

So for a while now I have been posting that I have been working on a few super secret projects. Well the time has come to reveal one of them! My aunt had asked me to fix a granny square afghan for my cousin. What I didn't realize until after getting it and talking with my aunt more was that this afghan was made for my aunt when she was a teenager and it was made by her grandmother -- my great grandmother. Finding this out made it that much more special for me to work on!
Here are the before images of the squares that needed to be fixed:

In all there were 9 squares to be fixed. I undid the seams between squares and re-crocheted new squares to put in their places. Here are some photos of it finished.

I don't know if the original main color was off-white to begin with or got that way with age, but trying to match it was near impossible, so instead I used straight white for the main color on my squares. This way you can see the old ones vs. the new ones. I like it this way, then my cousin can know which ones I did and the ones our great-grandmother did.

This week I also started & finished a little dog as an order for my friend Sarah. Here is that little guy, I think I will name him Hudson. He is a Fresh Stitches pattern and oh so cute. Done in Bernat Super Value in Walnut and a mystery Marden's dark chocolate brown.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WIP 7.10.13

Would have had two items to share today had I not started and finished it between last Wednesday and this Wednesday. So for today I have a stuffie I am making for my nephew Charlie. Any guesses as to what it will be?

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday, 6.26.13

At first this morning I didn't think I had anything (asside from those super secret projects that I am STILL working on) but then I remembered I had worked on Liam's blanket this week. Still not finished but so close! I finished all the squares and have the first three rows connected in one direction. This is my first pieced blanket so I am learning as I go :-)

Here are some photos:

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Friday, June 21, 2013

FO Friday, 6.21.13

Happy First Day of Summer!! I have one finished project to show you today, and it will be a quick one as I am going to try to get an hour of crochet in before I need to go to work (was supposed to be my day off, but what can you do?)

A very pink owl for my college roommate Hilary. She has one of the tiny owl's from Fresh Stitches as well and with a new baby on the way will have a second tiny one and a daddy owl coming her way. :-)

Yarn: Lots of Pink Acrylic! One Pound in Soft Pink, Red Heart Super Saver in Shocking Pink, Light Raspberry & White

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