Friday, July 12, 2013

FO Friday, 7.12.13

So for a while now I have been posting that I have been working on a few super secret projects. Well the time has come to reveal one of them! My aunt had asked me to fix a granny square afghan for my cousin. What I didn't realize until after getting it and talking with my aunt more was that this afghan was made for my aunt when she was a teenager and it was made by her grandmother -- my great grandmother. Finding this out made it that much more special for me to work on!
Here are the before images of the squares that needed to be fixed:

In all there were 9 squares to be fixed. I undid the seams between squares and re-crocheted new squares to put in their places. Here are some photos of it finished.

I don't know if the original main color was off-white to begin with or got that way with age, but trying to match it was near impossible, so instead I used straight white for the main color on my squares. This way you can see the old ones vs. the new ones. I like it this way, then my cousin can know which ones I did and the ones our great-grandmother did.

This week I also started & finished a little dog as an order for my friend Sarah. Here is that little guy, I think I will name him Hudson. He is a Fresh Stitches pattern and oh so cute. Done in Bernat Super Value in Walnut and a mystery Marden's dark chocolate brown.

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  1. What a beautiful labor of love! Family heirlooms are to be treasured, aren't they?