Finished Projects

Here is a slideshow of all my finished projects (at least the ones I have photographed). Below the slide show you will find a list of completed projects along with a link to pictures.

February 2013
Trash Can

January 2013
Large Bunny
Zombie Kitty
Eli the Elephant
Mallory the Snow Owl
2 Monkeys
Mom's Wrap

December 2012
Extra Large Maria the Owl
10 - Infinity Chain Scaves
2 - Eugene the Mosquitos
2 - Penguins
Tree Frog
3 - Phone Koozies
Denny the Giraffe

November 2012
2 - Maria the Owls
Eugene the Mosquito
Hat for Kevin
Byron the Moose
Hat for Me
UK Wildcat
2 - BB the Baby Barn Owls
T-Shirt Rag Rug
Lucy the Monkey
Clyde the Belted Galloway

October 2012
Golf Bag & Clubs
Ellie (Eli) the Elephant

September 2012
Denny the Giraffe
Maria the Owl
Papillon Scarf
Maria the Owl
Sanford the Hippo

August 2012
Caviar the Lobster
Headband & Scarf w/ Flower
Huevo the Duck
Charlotte the Pig
Daisy the Skunk
Maria the Owl

July 2012
Eugene the Mosquito
Cheese from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends
Wine Koozie
2 Baseball Hats
2 Flower Hats
Maria the Owl
Mumford the Lion
Sylvan & Sophie Bears

June 2012
Charlotte the Pig
Peter the Police Officer Dinosaur
Elouise the Cow
Baby Blanket Repair
2 Zombie Kittys

May 2012
Large Penguin
Small Fish
Henry the Dragon
Spencer the Zombie Kitty & Brain

April 2012
Eli the Elephant
Denny the GIraffe
2 Large Bunnies
Red Bird from Angry Birds
King Pig from Angry Birds
4 Large Penguins (One as a boy, one as a girl)
1 Small Penguin
Plastic Bag Holder

March 2012
7 Large Bunnies
1 Small Bunny
1 Octopus
1 Hat
1 Blanket

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