Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Daisy the Skunk

Meet Daisy, the prettiest smelling skunk you will ever meet. She left the woods of Maine to follow her dreams of selling her scent as a parfume, she even had a name picked out: Eau de PU. But apparently two legged creatures don't have the distinguished olfactory glands as her kind and could not tell the difference between her glorious scent and the scent of all other skunks. Not to be discouraged Daisy returned home, but not empty handed. She came back with all sorts of parfume bottles and started a home parfumerie where she makes and sells her Eau de PU to those woodland creatures that can distinguish what a great scent she has. So just remember the next time you think you smell a skunk and are brought to saying "PU" you may actually be smelling a hedgehog wearing Eau de PU.

Crocheted with Red Heart Super Saver & G Hook, used my own pattern. She stands just over 9" tall. Eau de PU not included.

Want your very own Daisy the Skunk? Find her here!

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