Friday, May 10, 2013

FO Friday, 5.10.13

So as promised here is a roundup of what has been finished since my last FO post (March 15th).

Probably was my two least productive crochet months since I learned how to crochet in January, 2012.

First we had a butterfly:
This was made for the daughter of a woman we bowl with. She wanted a butterfly and when I asked her what color she said Rainbow! I wanted a snuggly butterfly so I came up with my own pattern, if there is interested I would be willing to share it :-) Shayna (the little girl) apparently sleeps with it every night.

Next we have a bunny:

This little guy was made from a Fiberdoodles by K4TT pattern. I had planned to get better photos of him and post him to Etsy just in time for Easter, however that is when my grandfathers health issues started up.

I also made a Turtle & Skunk (modified Bunny) from Fiberdoodles patterns and didn't even take a photo of them... I was not on the ball.

I also made two shawls from this pattern. One was made in Bernat Satin for my grandmother as a prayer shawl and I made myself one from ArtYarns Cotton Spring in Color 1006 which I got as my "tourist" yarn from my trip to Florida in February. I have not photographed my shawl yet, but here are some photos of my grandmothers.

She really does love it. She called two nights in a row telling me about all the compliments she gets on it. I have to say, I like the one that I made her better than the one I made myself as the variegated yarn didn't lend itself too well to the pattern. I was however impressed with my ability to follow and finish this intermediate pattern easily, I guess my skills are improving :-)

Checking in with Tami's Amis for FO Friday!

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  1. That shawl's very pretty. You did a great job!