Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIP Wednesday, 5.15.13

So it isn't going to be a very fun WIP post for you readers as what I have been working on are the super secret projects that I have going on. Worked on both of them this week and should have at least one finished by FO Friday, however I won't be able to show it until AFTER the recipient receives it, surprise remember...

In other news I got an order for one of my Cheese stuffies so once my yarn gets in I will be working on that.

I also have had something happen that hasn't happened before to me since I've been crocheting. Remember the little monkey I have been working on but ran out of yarn?

Well I went to get more yarn and my LYS didn't have that color way, so I went online. Couldn't find it there either because it is DISCONTINUED!!! So now I have a monkey missing two and a half arms and tail!

So what do I do in this case? Frog him and start over with another color? Do the legs & tail in a different color? Try to track down some of the yarn?

If anyone has any in their stash and would be willing to share, the yarn is Bernat Super Value in Rustic Heather. All I need about a half skein if that.

In other non-crochet WIP news I came home from work to a WIP.

My husband is on vacation this week and has been keeping busy!

Checking in with Tami's Amis.

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