Friday, March 1, 2013

FO Friday 3.1.13

Been a little quiet on the blog this week and I apologize, I was on vacation (YAY!!!) and I intended to post while away but I ended up being sick the whole time (BOOOO!!!). Lets just say it was a very restful vacation.

But I do have some FOs to show you!

FInished the second of the pair of Penguins as well as an all Purple Penguin. All three are for a member of my bowling league.

For the black penguins I used spare acrylic - Red Heart Super Saver in black, white & grey tweed
Mystery Marden's Yarn in shiny hot blue
and Everyday Soft in baby yellow
And for the Purple Penguin I used Mystery Marden's Yarn in three shades of purple
Used the momma penguin pattern from Amigurumi World

Next I was able to complete a little moose for my friend Aly, her sister-in-law just had a baby and went moose hunting while 6 months pregnant so she thought this would be a great gift for baby Hudson, I agreed. She also asked me to sew his initials on the paw.

Pattern: Moose from Crocheted Softies by Stacey Trock (Fresh Stitches)
Yarn: Bernat Super Value in Rustic Heather, Red Heart Super Saver in white & black

I had a lot of resting time on vacation like I had mentioned so I was able to actually work on something while watching tv -- although it didn't go quickly as I got tired easily -- I probably got more done because I was sick and inside instead of out and about actually enjoying myself. What's nice is that I have a finished project to share and it's NOT a stuffie AND it's for ME!!! Not usually the way things go around here, but I intentionally brought "me" items on vacation to work on :-)

Yarn: Marden's Mystery Yarn in Hot Blue & Chocolate Brown

I really like it and will use it a lot. Was originally thinking of making it my project bag, but will have to line it if I keep with that thought as I could see myself loosing a lot of hooks that way.

Hooking up with Tami's Amis to see all the other FOs.

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  1. Lovely projects! My favorite is the moose.

    Here's my FO: