Friday, February 15, 2013

FO Friday, 2.15.13

Good Morning! Hope everyone had a great Valentine's day! My husband & I will have to postpone our V-Day date seeing as I worked all day yesterday and when I mean all day I mean working 6am (leaving the house at 5am) to 3pm, driving the hour home, taking an hour nap then going to the bowling alley to waitress until 10pm (the regular waitress called out). Long ass day! But I don't need a special day to show Kevin how much I love him, so postponing doesn't bother me.

So I didn't get much crochet work done yesterday either. However I did get to finish up and photograph two items to share with you today!

One of the 3 penguins is finished!

I used spare acrylic - Red Heart Super Saver in black, white & grey tweed
Mystery Marden's Yarn in shiny hot blue
and Everyday Soft in baby yellow
Used the momma penguin pattern from Amigurumi World

I also finished my special order Trash Can! This was a bit of a challenge with the stuffing of it, but I am happy to say that I found a solution in baby bumper pads! This way it is able to hold its shape without being too lumpy. The customer requested that I make it open on the inside so that things can be put inside, so the bumper pads helped with this too.

Yarn: Bernat Super Value in Kelly & True Grey
Knit Picks Brava in White
Red Heart Super Saver in Black
Pattern: Created my own :-) If there is interest I will post it.

Mr. Penguin couldn't resist playing Oscar the Grouch....

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Hooking up with Tami's Amis for FO Friday!


  1. I love the bow tie on the penguin it is too cute.

  2. Lovely penguin! He looks so elegant with the bow.