Friday, February 1, 2013

FO Friday, 2.1.13

Seriously now, why can't I just sit home and crochet (and blog about it) all day? There are way too many things on my "to-crochet" list and I want to get to them all! I think this feeling of wanting to crochet all day stems from the fact that I haven't been able to do as much as usual lately. I started a new job within the same company but at a different location -- remember how they were closing down the store I worked in. So now at the new job my schedule is all changed -- working primarily early mornings instead of closing -- and there is 2 hours wasted in the car driving to and from work instead of 30 minutes! I could have a small ami finished in that time! Alas there is something in the works, but it's not being a stay at home dog mom who crochets, cooks & cleans all day. Maybe I should have a baby so that I can be a real SAHM (not going to lie, the thought has crossed my mind) but then I remember that taking care of a baby will probably mean LESS crochet time than I have now, and all those messy diapers...

I digress... Even with less time & schedulde changes, I have been able to get some things complete -- these FOs are from 1/12-2/1 so for the time span I think the FOs are a little light, but I can't batter myself about it, I just need to get used to my new schedule and make the best use of my time.

Before the store closed I finished a Giraffe for a coworker:

He was a Lion Brand pattern and I used Red Heard Super saver in cornmeal and Bernat super value in dark heather.

I made a lion a while back for one of my close friends for her sons birthday, well now it was time for her daughter! Little miss Emily got a Pretty Pink Horse (I call her Feathers....get it?) I finished this one so close to the deadline (over actually) that I didn't get a chance for a real photo shoot -- that's okay because I want to make this one again and list it online, it really is too cute & I love how the mane was made.

Feathers is the Pegasus pattern (less the wings) by Fiberdoodles by K4TT. I used Red Heart Supersaver in White & Light Raspberry and Caron One Pound in Soft Pink. PS these photos don't do her justice!

I also finished two more Fiberdoodles by K4TT, two little monkeys! They actually had a real photo shoot too! Used Bernat Super Value in Dark Heather & Rustic Heather

And last but certainly not least! The Belize Wrap for my Mom. This was part of my Year of Projects list and I am happy to have something crossed off, it has been quite a while! I really hope she wears it as I love it and hope she does too! This is the one that started off like an acid trip remember? So happy with the new color choices!

I used Lion Brand Wool Ease in Wheat, Rose Heather & Blush Heather.

That's what I have finished for this week, hoping to get more done this week than the last few! Checking in with Tami's Amis to see all the other FOs.

Also checking in with my Year of Projects group.

A Plea to my Readers:
In the middle of February I will be jumping into a lake. No big thing if you are somewhere warm, but I'm not, I am in Maine. The average temp for that day is a cold cold cold 23ยบ.... and that's just the air temp!

A group of my friends make up the team "Crazy for a Cure" (Crazy is right!) that will be jumping into a hole that they cut through the ice with chainsaws all as part of a fundraising event for the Maine Children's Cancer Program. Cancer sucks, and it sucks even more when you are a child dealing with it!

I urge my readers to help out and donate, every dollar helps! And to make it even sweeter for the children who are seen at this facility for every donation made via this blog I will donate a hand crocheted item to a child that visit this center.

How to donate: Visit this link click on the "Give Now" button on the right side. Feel free to comment on the blog or the page that you are visiting from Katesie's Critters. And THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

PS I am cold already thinking about jumping in!

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  1. Awesome projects! My favorite are the monkeys.

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