Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday, 1.23.13

Well we've made it to Wednesday, and I've made it to the blogisphere, hooray for small victories!
I have three things I've been slowly progressing towards completion.

First and nearest to finality is the wrap I am making for my mom. Her birthday was Monday,and I feel slightly bad for not finishing her gift in time. I say slightly because I made a choice after getting halfway through her wrap. I chose to change the yarn and colors completely. The yarns I WAS using were totally her colors, gold, rust orange and dark brown. However put together in the pattern I was using looked like you were looking at an afghan straight out of "That 70s Show" while tripping on acid. To make my decision to start over a little easier (like I needed to...) The yarns I was using was mystery yarns that were probably hidden in some corner of a warehouse SINCE the 70s. So to the yarn store I went on the Thursday before her birthday and bought Lion Brand Wool-Ease in wheat, light raspberry and a soft pink rose heather & blush heather. These colors together remind me of black raspberry vanilla soft serve twist, much better than an afghan acid trip. To say the least it wasn't finished for her birthday, but I am happy with my choice. (This is actually a project from my Year of Projects List)

The next project is a little monkey. It's one of three I have on order and is a fiberdoodles by k4tt design.

Lastly is a valentines themed tapestry. It's my first step in am idea I am developing that needed some tapestry crochet practice first. The design is actually a cross stitch pattern that I am translating into crochet. I am really liking the results.

I appologize for no photos ATM, remember small victories... I will try to post some as soon as I can get some quality time alone with my camera and computer.

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