Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To-Do Tuesday & Happy New Year!

2013, really? Wow! Where did 2012 go? Here is to new starts and resolutions! I hope everyone has a happy & healthy 2013!

For 2013 I am going to revamp the blog some. Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday scheduled blog posts will remain the same but I want to try to give you more, how you ask? You will have to wait to see. Mostly because I don't have a concrete plan and I don't want to say something that may not happen (same reason I don't like to tell others what my resolutions are). What I will tell you is that the format of the To-Do Tuesday posts may look a little different from the v.1. of 2012. So here we go!

To-Do Today
• Photograph Giraffe
• Start on next project
• Apply to two jobs

To-Do This Week
• Finish 3 Projects

To-Do This Month
• Lee Auto Photo Shoot, 1/11
• Mom's Birthday Present
• Finish Liam's Blanket
• Find a Job

Project To-Do's
• Blue Elephant w/ Purple Scarf
• Giraffe
• Bluebirds in Nest
• Monkey
• Monkey
• Mosquito
• Bunny, Zombie Kitty & Owl (pd)
• Monkey w/ Diaper & Banana
• Frog
• Pink Sock Monkey
• Daddy & Mommy Owl

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