Sunday, January 13, 2013

Starred Sundays, 1.13.13

I read quite a few crochet blogs and come across things that I want to return to at one time or another, I note them by putting a star on the post in Google Reader. It's a "when I have time" kind of thing, which tends to get lost, so I want to start sharing what I have starred on Sundays with you as a way of keeping the things I liked fresh in my mind. Who knows, maybe you will see something that you want to try or something that inspires you. I have also starred some business related things.

So lets get on to the stars!

• The Crochet Dude ~ 12.14.2011 ~ Easy Wreath

Why I Originally Starred It: Thought it was an easy & cool idea to try for holiday decorations.

From The Post:

My Takeaway: Something that I may end up doing in the future, didn't happen this year, but then again neither did any Christmas decorations -- didn't even put the tree up.

• Underground Crafter ~ 05.13.12 ~ Year of Projects: Crochet Master Class - Painted Crochet Finale

Why I Originally Starred It: I believe it was for the Year of Projects idea.

My Takeaway: I did join the YOP group for the 2012-2013 year and have worked on a few of my projects but have been quite lacking in the posting on here as well as in Ravelry. I still havent gotten my feet totally wet on Ravelry just yet, I just see it as I would rather be crocheting than posting about crocheting.

• Crochet Concupiscence ~ 06.09.12 ~ Crochet Blog Link Love

Why I Originally Starred It: The Crochet Star Pillow & the Hawaiian Flowers Pattern

From the Post: 

My Takeaway: Both interesting patterns/motifs that I would love to try! Also gives me two more household items I could make, table runners & throw pillows! Beautiful work!

That's it for this week, I hope you enjoyed and maybe someday you will see me posting FOs of similar items!

A Plea to my Readers:
In the middle of February I will be jumping into a lake. No big thing if you are somewhere warm, but I'm not, I am in Maine. The average temp for that day is a cold cold cold 23º.... and that's just the air temp!

A group of my friends make up the team "Crazy for a Cure" (Crazy is right!) that will be jumping into a hole that they cut through the ice with chainsaws all as part of a fundraising event for the Maine Children's Cancer Program. Cancer sucks, and it sucks even more when you are a child dealing with it!

I urge my readers to help out and donate, every dollar helps! And to make it even sweeter for the children who are seen at this facility for every donation made via this blog I will donate a hand crocheted item to a child that visit this center.

How to donate: Visit this link click on the "Give Now" button on the right side. Feel free to comment on the blog or the page that you are visiting from Katesie's Critters. And THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

PS I am cold already thinking about jumping in!

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