Monday, January 7, 2013

New Post Series - Starred Sundays (on a Monday I realize...)

So at the end of Friday's post I mentioned to look out for something new on Sunday. I had all plans to post on Sunday however in the middle of my shift at Sears I got a call from the bowling alley to see if I could work to fill in for someone there. So my 8 hour shift turned into a 12 hour one. Needless to say 12 hours on my feet didn't leave me very energetic to type up what could be a lengthy post. Plus when my reminder on my phone went off telling me to post I was asleep on the couch. So here we are, Monday morning, my day off and feeling quite refreshed.

I read quite a few crochet blogs and come across things that I want to return to at one time or another, I note them by putting a star on the post in Google Reader. It's a "when I have time" kind of thing, which tends to get lost, so I want to start sharing what I have starred on Sundays with you as a way of keeping the things I liked fresh in my mind. Who knows, maybe you will see something that you want to try or something that inspires you. I have also starred some business related things.

So lets get on to the stars!

• Crochet Concupiscence • May 7, 2012 • Playground Crochet Artist Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam

Why I originally starred it: It is freaking awesome! Totally inspiring! I love the colors that Toshiko uses and the sheer size of her projects! I crochet stuffed animals for children to play with, she crochets playgrounds for children to PLAY ON! This totally amazes me and I hope that one day I can visit one of her playgrounds, or better yet -- make a mini one in my back yard!

From the Post:

I wonder what size hook & thickness/type of yarn she uses. I love all the color! So much fun!
My Takeaway: I want to visit one of hers and maybe even make one of my own!

Crochet Liberation Front • April 2012 • Top 6 Reasons Things Don't Sell

Why I starred it: I was just starting to make and sell my stuffed animals and have always had a bit of an entrepreneurial side, I think I get that from my parents. If I can find out what helps and what doesn't when starting up a business I am going to eat it up!

From the Post
1. Being cheesey and doing the “it slices, it dices, it julianes” bit doesn’t work
2. Inappropriate product for the show.
3. Price Points and Value.
4.  Display, display, display.
5. No marketing materials:
6. NOT accepting credit cards.

My Takeaway:
I have not yet ventured out into the craft fair/market type scene however it is something that I want to do. 

On her first point, I don't think I have anything to worry about -- this just isn't my style, I smile, engage customers by saying hello and talking with them, making them know that I recognize they are there and that they can approach me and ask me questions as they arise. This is just what I do. I learned it from my dad who has been running a successful fine craft retail business since before I was born. It's second nature. It is also what I see lacks in some of my associates at work now but that's besides the point. 

On the second one I don't think I would really take my items to a boat show for sure and would select fairs/markets that have similar items to what I sell -- which means more competition perhaps, but people are there to purchase the sort of items that I offer.
Her third point was talking about overpricing. I actually think that I have the opposite problem and don't price my items high enough. I also give "deals" to people -- call me a softie. I need to realize the value of my products and price them accordingly. This is one reason I would like to start at craft fairs to see what the price points are for similar work.

On display -- sounds like its a pretty fine line between too much and not enough. I have seen some other posts on this matter too. I will definitely look into this more when the time comes.

Marketing materials -- I have a logo (should get a sign made w/ it for my display), business cards & postcards. I have thought about making a coffee table book with images of different things I have made to show people what else can be done other than what is available then & there. Do you think people would even look at it?

After reading this post I went ahead and got the Square so that I can take credit cards on my phone. I do however need a receipt booklet so I can keep track of sales and give my customers a receipt.

Some upcoming events I may look into participating in:

• Crochet Concupiscence • May 22, 2012 • When a Doily is not Just a Doily

Why I starred it: At the time I was trying to figure out what to do for my sister for her birthday. I starred this for some ideas.

From the Post: Some inspiring photos

My Takeaway: Some good ideas for if/when I come into a bunch of doilies! 

I think 3 stars is good for today :-) See you next Sunday!

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