Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To-Do Tuesday, 5.22.2012

An update for the To-Do Tuesday, gives an idea of what's on the list, what is slow going, what is getting done, and what I need a kick in the ass to get working on! What's on your To-Do List?

Crochet Queue
• Zombie Kitty (In Progress: Looks like he will be done tonight! Just need to stuff and attach his head and attach his arms! Probably won't even hit a WIP Wednesday as he has come together so quickly. You will see him for FO Friday! His name is Spencer)
• Dragon (In Progress: Body & back scales are done and attached, face and underbelly are done, just needs some legs/arms and wings! May be my first FO Friday post...)
• Owl
• Pig
• Dino Cop
• Duck
• Giraffe
• Liam's blanket
• Rag Rug (from t-shirts/sheets)
• Crochet Clock {like these}
• Square Curtains (will have to find the pattern for these again...)
• Wool Eater out of my scraps {found here}

• Photograph plants that aren't doing well, bring to Gammon's (In Progress: Have the photos taken, going in to Gammons tomorrow to see what can be done!)
• Dishes (Will they ever end?)
• Laundry
• Clean Floors
• Clean Counters & Stove top
• Clean out Fridge
• Take trash to Dump
• Buy Plane Tickets

• Post Elouise to Etsy
• Work on Joe & Julie's Wedding Photos

• Mara's Birthday Present -- Got a new idea for this, it includes a doily, now just need to find one.

What's on your To-Do list? I will check in next week to give an update!

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