Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIP Wednesday

So I am new to Crochet, taught myself how January of this year. And I am very new to blogging about crochet, my first post was yesterday! However I have been reading some crochet blogs for a few weeks now and wanted to join in the fun!
The first blog I started reading was FreshStiches -- I found that she has two segments every week that I wanted to be a part of, WIP (Work-in-Progress) Wednesday and FO (Finish Off) Friday. Which it looks like both ideas actually originated from another blog, Tami's Amis. I love how on Tami's WIP Wednesday posts there is a spot where you can enter in your info and be included in her WIP list -- just another way to get the name out there and meet other super cool crochetaholics!

So anywho... On to my very first WIP Wednesday post!
I am working on JJ the Fire Dragon for one of my husbands co-workers.

I name/rename all my amigurumi's while working on them or once finished, sometimes I will imagine up a story for them too while I am hooking. So JJ is now Henry. I started Henry on Monday and find the pattern easy to read. I was nervous about using such a small hook (c2), but am actually really pleased with it! The movements are smaller and it goes through the yarn nicely. I also like the tight fabric it creates with all those single crochets! I broke down and bought a comfort cushion as my hands aren't quite broken in and can get sore. Pretty sure I will be getting many more of these! The difference is amazing! No more sore fingers!!

Henry is coming along well, I hope to get a bunch done tomorrow on my one day off this week. Spent about two hours with him today and he went from this:
 To this:

He is going to be much larger than I had expected! However with all the purple (I am using Red Heart Sport in Purple) I'm surprised I didn't name him Barney. Maybe he's Barney's troublesome younger brother... and so the story begins!

Thanks again to FreshStiches for introducing me to WIP Wednesdays and for Tami's Amis for the concept and links to other WIP Wednesdays!!

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