Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Very Merry Crochet Christmas & Sneak Peek

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Mine was long and exhausting, but overall a good one. I received some crochet related gifts, gave some crocheted gifts and got a wonderful compliment about my crochet from my mom.

Last year for Christmas I had asked for a book about Amigurumi as I wanted to learn how to make them. Prior to that I had never held a crochet hook. I got that book and was totally lost, it was a different language to me. But I was determined to get it, so I went to YouTube and taught myself how to crochet. I haven't stopped since. So the "look how far you have come since last Christmas" comment made by my mother really meant a lot to me.

On to crochet gifts! I received 4 books (5 if you count the me-me gift *from me, to me*):

From my mother-in-law:

(She swears it's not a hint....)


I may have to make her something from in here for next christmas!

From my sister (I have already used it!):

It is so nicely written and has so much info I am tempted to get Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks book as well, I could totally see myself working my way through that book one block at a time!

From my mom:

I had also asked my mom for a Jordana Paige hook & notions case. But as she is a handmade gifter as well (see where I get it!) and she has a new & super cool fabric shop in town and she got her own me-me gift of a new super cool sewing machine she made me this: 

My very own, OOAK crochet tag-a-long notions & hook pouch! (Sorry about the lighting, it's the middle of a major snow storm *YAAAYYYYY!!!** here and the natural light is quite diffused by all the snowflakes coming down! Plus it was taken with my phone.

Lately there have been a few FO Fridays where I miss an item or two because so many items have gotten finished that week. So I am going to try to post sneak peeks as I get items finished. Which means more blog posts, but I am okay with that! I am also going to try to get more detailed with project info as well. So my NYs resolutions are starting early. Better than late or never right??

Can you guess what these are?

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