Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To-Do Tuesday, 12.11.12

An update for the To-Do Tuesday, gives an idea of what's on the list, what is slow going, what is getting done, and what I need a kick in the ass to get working on! What's on your To-Do List?

To-Do Today
• dishes

Crochet Queue
• Mosquito for Clay
• Monkey for Mara
• Archer CAL (In Progress)
• Cow (In Progress)
• Mittens (In Progress)
• Frog for Ken (Tree frog or frog frog?)
• Hippo for Ciara
• Blue Elephant w/ Purple Scarf for Mikayla
• Giraffe for Virginia
• Bluebirds in a nest
• Hat for Clay
• Liam's blanket (In Progress)
• Kira's Birthday Present
• Giraffe
• Pink & Purple Giraffe for Dani
• Monkey for Conrad
• Crochet Clock {like these}
• Square Curtains (will have to find the pattern for these again...)
• Wool Eater out of my scraps {found here}
• Floor Poof from scraps to use at the Studio for Infant Poses
• Post Patterns?

• Laundry
• Dishes

• Make a coffee table book for Crystal & Bryan
• Add more Photos to Facebook.com/KaitLavinPhoto
• New Layout for k8cscritters.blogspot.com (?)
• Online Print ordering from KaitLavinPhoto.com
• Work on Konnie's Photos

Finished Items
• Boy & Girl Baby Stuffies, only requirement is cute (See them Here)
• Mosquito (See Him Here)
• Lion (See Him Here)
• Cheese from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (See Him Here)
• Owl (See Her Here)
• Pig (See Her Here)
• Owl #2
• Hat for Sage
• Lobster (See Him Here)
• Headband & Scarf for Mara
• Duck (See Him Here)
• Skunk (See Her Here)
• Owl #3
• Purple Stitch Project Scarf (See it here)
• Hippo (See him here)
• Owl for KK
• Giraffe
 Golf Bag (See it here)
• 2 Hats for Annie
• Elephant for Drew (See her here)
• Owl #5
• Mosquito
• UK Cat (for Melissa)
• Hippo (for Tracy)
• Moose (for Jodi)

• Monkey
• Rag Rug
• Password Protected Proof Albums for KaitLavinPhoto.com

Big Owl for Sarah
• Dachshund

What's on your To-Do list? I will check in next week to give an update!

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  1. You list seems to have quite a bit crossed off it! I know it's hard to focus on all the things you've done when it feels like there are so many things left to do.

    1. Thanks Michelle! The list is always growing, both to-do & completed, so that is good, means I'm always working on something!