Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday, 12.19.12

Good Morning! Anyone else feel the Christmas crunch? The last few years I have been so busy with work that Christmas seems to sneak up on me. I really don't know how that is possible since they start playing Christmas music at work on November 1st (way too early in my opinion).

Anyway it is almost here and I have been spending most of my non-working hours fulfilling orders and making gifts.

Today's WIPs are orders. One is the first of a boy & girl pair of penguins, the other is a hat, do you remember the hat that gave me so much trouble before with the bulky yarn? Yeah well, it's back, and I have already frogged it once...

This little guy just needs wings and feet and an accessorie to make him either a boy or a girl. I'm not even going to bother showing you the hat as it has just as much a chance being frogged again as being finished.

Checking in with other WIPs over at Tami's Ami's.


  1. Oh, I'm feeling the Christmas crunch. For sure. I only hope there are enough hours left in the day(s) for me to get done all that I need.

  2. He's adorable. I love penguins. I am not feeling the crunch. I decided to not make gifts this year. So less stressful

  3. That penguin has the cutest eyes ever!