Friday, December 7, 2012

FO Friday 12.7.12

Two items to show you today. One is my usual amigurumi but one is a little different for me. Another Fresh Stitches Owl, this time made with bulky yarn and I extended the body a bit too so it's a bit bigger than the ones I have made in the past. She stands about 11" high and the yarn makes her super plush and soft, I used KnitPicks Brava Bulky.

The next was a kind of no-thinking-easy-keep-my-hands-busy type of project, and I really like how it came out! I have had some really pretty Cascade Pacific yarn in my stash for a while now, left over from the purple stitch project. It just so happens to be in some of my favorite colors and matches my winter jacket (go figure). It is a chain stitch infinity scarf. I have to keep this one for myself, however there may be some more made to sit under a Christmas tree sometime here.

Checking in with Tami's Amis to see other finished projects. Happy Weekend! (I'll be working)


  1. Oh I love that necklace. How did you do the joining part? Did you refer to a pattern?

    1. It was inspired from this tutorial:
      except instead of using fabric I just wrapped the last foot or so of the chain really tightly around all the strands.