Friday, July 6, 2012

Year of Projects, Week 2

I am overwhelmed, humbled, in awe, of all the response from my first week's YOP post! It is my first group in Ravelry, and first blog-a-long, but I am really enjoying the feedback already!

This week I haven't started anything on my list yet but I do have an addition.

Year of Projects List
• Floor Poof
• T-Shirt rag rug
• Crochet clock
• Yarn bomb something
• Crochet dress for Adult Prom 2013
Akita Amigurimi (NEW)

I also wanted to tell you all a little more about some of the items on my list.

The Crochet Purse was the first pattern I every bought, before I was even making Ami's I think. However I haven't started it yet. I have looked at the pattern and it's not as simple as what I have been doing with the Ami's, I may need a little help with this one. Which means I may need to get out of my online crochet bubble and find some REAL people in my area that can help. (However I remember once seeing a "How to read patterns" class on Craftsy but can't seem to find it now...)

I had a beanbag chair in my old studio that would help with posing babies who weren't quite sitting up on their own but too big for our infant poser. When I was moved to a different studio I couldn't take it with me and haven't found one at a good price that is the consistancy/poofieness/squishness that I want. So I'll make one :-)

The wrap for my mom is going to be made in monotone neutral colors, why? Because my mom rocks!

I had once had the idea that I was going to make t-shirt quilts so I listed on Craigslist that I was looking for old t-shirts for free. I got a ton of responses, and I found out that sewing is not quite my cup of tea. So now I have 1/2 a closet full of t-shirts, time to make tyarn!

Crochet clock, just because!

I would LOVE to have one of these in my backyard:

But wouldn't know where to start, so I will start small with some yarn bombing around the house, and maybe if I am daring, out in public somewhere.... I will have to read up on some tips & tricks, anyone know if there are any good books about Yarn Bombing?

We just had out second annual Adult Prom this past weekend. About a week prior I was talking with some of the girls and one sarcastically asked if I was going to crochet myself a prom dress. They are going to eat their words next year!!!! Some possibilities:

My sister-in-law was in a military accident and has multiple skull fractures and brain injuries that cause her to now be epileptic. So when I saw posts about the Purple Stitch Project I knew I had to do it! I am thinking of doing Fresh Stitches Howie the Penguin. But am still up in the air about it. I have some drawings of my own silly little penguin that I have yet to work up into a pattern or stuffie. Thinking that this is a great reason to get on that! May just have to make one fro Christy too :-)

Akita Ami, it is afterall what actually got me into crochet! (Check out the About Me page to see how)


  1. I've done a bag similar to that and it wasn't too bad, I think you'll do just fine :) I LOVE Fresh Stitches Ami's, they're so darn cute (and included on my YoP list just because hehe).

  2. It was great reading into the why's of your project choices. I like the background to projects as much as the projects themselves.

  3. The akita is really cute. I need to find a rottie and beagle!

  4. you should def do a prom dress!! i really liked the first one! :0)

  5. Your list is great and I really like all the patterns you have chosen. I don't think the bag will be too much of a challenge to you. Thanks for all the background information, it makes your list seem much more personal and makes a lot of sense to all of us out in blogging land.

  6. Lovely to see another new face on Year of Projects. I love your choices and it's interesting to read the reasons behind them. Good luck, and looking forward to reading more!

  7. Can't wait to see the tshirt rag rug - I've considered this a few times myself. Sorry to here about the difficulties your sister is going through, and the challenges she faces ahead. The purple stitch project sounds like a great idea. After all, isn't that what we crafters do? Channel our emotional energy into creating things?!

  8. What an eclectic list--one that will keep you busy for sure! I do have to ask, what is an adult prom? Is it like a school reunion? I sure liked the first dress pattern you mentioned--very classy!
    Have a great week, and nice to meet you!

  9. It's a nice list you have there. I was also wondering what an adult prom is...?

    Have a great week

  10. Adult prom is something my friends put together last year to make sure she would have a use for the two prom dresses she got on clearance lol we get all dressed up, go to a fancy dinner then dance the night away in her garage that she decorates. I will have to post some pictures :)

  11. Wow it sounds like you have a lot going on. Thanks for explaining the adult prom.

  12. It's great to see why you're choosing things, can't wait to see how they turn out!

  13. What a lovely list. One of the best things about year of projects isn't just the what, it's the WHY, and you've got some great projects going on there.

    I've seen purple stitches a couple of times, and having had friends and colleagues with epilepsy, I was thinking of making something. The penguin is very cute!