Tuesday, July 3, 2012

LEGO Mosaic

KC w/ her Mosaic
My husband & I refuse to grow up and still love to play with LEGOs. Can you guess how many photos we took when we went to LEGOLAND in CA? We have a caricature of the two of us as LEGO minifigs hanging in our living room across from a LEGO mosaic of our pup KC (you should all know by now how much we love our pooch!)

We sell custom Mosaics on Etsy and as they have a pretty price tag and are very customized they sell slowly. We did just make one for a customer in VA. Her husband is coming home from the military after being deployed in the Middle East and she got one made for him as his welcome home gift (awesome gift I might add!) He is a Detroit Lions fan so we did it of the team Logo. I set it up so we knew what color LEGOs and how many we needed, placed the order and then Kevin & I glued all the pieces in and actually created the mosaic (he did most of it actually). Then we mounted it and got it ready to hang. We shipped it out yesterday, I am excited to hear how she receives it and her Husband's reaction to it when he sees it on their wall.

Here are some images to show the progress.

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