Sunday, July 29, 2012

Year in Progress, Week 5

Year of Projects List
• Floor Poof
• T-Shirt rag rug
• Crochet clock
• Yarn bomb something
• Crochet dress for Adult Prom 2013
• Liam's Blanket
• Carson's Blanket

Wow, already a month+ into the YOP and I don't have anything to show except for some yarn! I guess I'd better get on the ball (or skein if you will). I honestly don't know how much will get done these next few weeks as its all work this week then next week we are in New Orleans, LA -- Any LYS I should check out? But maybe I will bring some YOP stuff to work on while in NOLA. Short & sweet, now I have to go crochet a pig & a hat :-)

Come Blog-a-Long with us and see what others are doing throughout the year! 


  1. You'll get started soon enough :)

  2. ohhh enjoy nahwleens, I'm sure one of these days that you'll be hit by that feeling that you've just got to start a project!

  3. Yarn is always a good thing to have around. You will get into the swing of it soon. Most of us suffer from crafting block now and then.

  4. Oh there are plenty of projects going on for customers just not these projects :)

  5. I'm so slow that when you get going you'll catch up fast! Have a good time in NOLA;s hot here in AR I can't imagine what it's like further South but enjoy!

  6. Crafting mojo can certainly wax and wane--looking forward to seeing things when it returns to you. Have a lovely trip too!

  7. If you have customers projects going, Im not surprised you haven't done any of your own. You'll do it!

  8. Have a safe trip. I've only been to NOLA once, and I didn't do any yarn shopping, so unfortunately, I don't have any recommendations.