Friday, July 6, 2012

FO Friday, 7.6.12

July already? And to think next month I will be sweating my butt of & enjoying myself in New Orleans -- never been, any "must sees"?

So earlier in the week I had gotten to a point in my "to-make" list that it was all "If you make one I'll buy one" orders, not things that had been paid for up front so I really didn't have one project pulling me in over any of the others so I thought I'd make something NOT on the ordered list.

I won this Fresh Stitches pattern from Abby over at Fiber Doodle and since the Mosquito is Maine's State Insect and they seem to LOVE me (the running joke is that no bug spray is needed for anyone else if I am around) I thought I 'd make him up for fun. Thought maybe I could put him in mom & dad's store and see if they sold, but now I'm almost thinking I will hang him from my rearview mirror :-)

What do you think? Keep him or sell him?

It feels good to make something for fun! Have you made anything for fun lately?
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