Friday, June 1, 2012

FO Friday, 6.1.12

Happy Friday! For many that means the end of your week, for me it's just the beginning. At the studio today 9-8, tomorrow 9-6, Sunday 10-5 & Monday 9-8. These are my busy days so I gotta be there, although I'd much rather be enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having (aside from the hail the other day) and crocheting!

Drumroll please................

I'm not going to lie, I am a wee bit proud of Mr. Henry! He took about 20 hours and is just about 2 feet long! I think my favorite part is his face and toenails! He has gone on to his new adoptive dragon parents and I got this from his new mom:
My husband LOVES Henry!!! We are proud dragon parents!! He is sitting in a recliner watching tv and Henry is on the arm of the chair while Chuck pats his head like he was a cat or something...cute as hell! Thanx so rock!!!!
I can totally imagine this, can't you?

I also was able to FO two more Zombie Kittys -- who knew they would be hot sellers??

What did you finish off this week? See more FO's at Tami's Amis!


  1. This is gorgeous, an absolutely stunning dragon! You're totally justified to be proud!

  2. wow Henry is amazing! great job!!!

  3. I LOVE this dragon! He looks so fantastic!

  4. Thank you for all the Henry love! :-)