Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIP Wednesday, June 20th 2012

I write this as my husband has gone off to do a test that can determine his career. I am nervous for him and can tell he is, even if he doesn't admit it. I am sure he will do just fine. We will find out in a few hours. In the meantime my fingers are crossed so hard it hurts.

Now on to my Work-In-Progresses.
I have a few things on my plate lately so yesterday I would work on one thing for an hour, then do some house chores, then work on another thing for an hour, then do some house chores and so on. I'm planning on doing the same today, with maybe some lake time wedged in there somewhere, it's supposed to be 95+ today!!!

For Crochet I am working on a fat bottomed bear. I found the pattern at Yellow, Pink & Sparkly. I am using this pattern for the boy & girl (blue & pink) order that was placed. Up until this point I have only used acrylic yarn for my Amigurumi's. But after a trip to the two craft stores in town and not finding the "right" color pink, I found myself standing in front of the Sugar n' Cream display. I ended up with the color ways Rose & Hot Pink for the girl and Light Blue & Hot Blue for the boy. I am still torn on if I like it or not but will wait until they are finished for my final verdict. It seems smoother rather than softer if that makes sense. Also it makes my hands feel dry, is that the absorbent nature of the cotton removing the moisture from my hands?

We also have most of what we need for the LEGO mosaic and I started on that yesterday. We are just waiting on a shipment from the store that should arrive today or tomorrow then we can really get cooking on it! That order has the greys in it, which is a majority of the color in the mosaic. I was able to buy, cut, sand & paint the backing that we will mount the final mosaic to as well I laid out the baseplates and cut them down to side if needed, put the grid on them and even started gluing down some LEGOs.  The mosaic we have in our home is not glued, but with shipping this we though gluing may be a safe choice!

I also got a large chunk of Wedding Photos edited for Joe & Julie. Still a bunch to go so I'd better get on that now!

That's what I've been working on this week, how about you? You can see what others have on their hooks/needles over at Tami's Amis.


  1. Very cute bear pattern; can't wait to see how it works up! Maybe the cotton is wicking moisture away from your fingers as you crochet it?

    We have a lego store just up the street from my work, so I guess I'm spoiled!

    1. I would love to have a LEGO store down the road from us! However I think my husband may spend too much time & money there if that were the case :)

  2. It's a bear! I was wondering why you were making a hot pink easter egg in June. ;) Cotton is different to work with -- not much stretch, a little rough, and kind of dry. Fingers crossed for your hubby, and looking forward to seeing your mosaic come together!

    1. I can't even think about Christmas crafts yet let alone Easter :) Hubby missed the push ups part by two, he can go back in two weeks and try again. A few years back he broke his collar bone and shoulder blade and I think that injury held him back. :-/