Friday, June 1, 2012

Spencer the Zombie Kitty

Meet Spencer the Zombie Kitty!

You know how they say cats have nine lives? Well what happens after that 9th life? Spencer is what happens!

This is how zombies started after all, from cats! Think of all those hissing, glowing eyed, arched backed pictures out there -- those are zombie kittys! If you listen closely they aren't hissing, they are saying "BRAINNNSSS!!!"

Spencer is one of the first Zombie Kittys! He was caught years ago by baiting him with brains left over from the filming of Hannibal! At that point he had his mouth sewn shut so he couldn't bite anyone else and create more zombies! Over the years he has become domesticated and can now live (somewhat peacefully) among humans.

He still has a bit of a mischievous side and gets himself in all sorts of trouble if not watched closely! He loves to go on all sorts of adventures!

In all honesty, he has gotten to be a little too much for me to handle -- but I bet you can keep him in line just fine!

All he needs is a little love, some brains on occasion and plenty of play time! Think you can do that? If so, you can adopt him here!

Yarn Used: Red Heart With Love in Lettuce
Red Heart Super Saver in Black
Pattern Zombiefied from Oh the Cuteness!

Spencer the Zombie Kitty count: 3

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