Friday, August 17, 2012

FO Friday, 8.17.12

Short and sweet seems to be my motto lately with blog posts. Sorry about that, I promise I will get into more detail when life slows down a bit. I am in the midst of changing jobs (stress) and playing catchup from vacation (more stress) and worrying about my pooch -- she keeps almost clearing her throat like a human does while she's sleeping -- dont know if its just post nasal drip or she is actually sick. She hasn't ever been sick before other than eating something she wasn't supposed to have and having to have a few days of boiled chicken and rice to settle her stomach. But she was just at the vet for a week when we were in New Orleans so maybe she got something there. It hasn't effected her appetite or her silliness so I think I am just being an over worried mother.

So maybe not so short after all, get me going and I will ramble :-)

I do have a finished item to show you all today YAY!
Meet Caviar the Lobster

I will get some "real" pictures once its a bit less wet outside. 

OH! And I am writing this from a brand new computer too :-) My old iMac's screen has started to go, first it was one line of pixels, then another, then all the pixels on the whole left half of the screen will randomly quiver and shake. So we went computer shopping last night and came home with a beast!

Old iMac, meet new iMac! 17" to 27". The last one came to me used from my last job and is at least 5 years old. This one is brand spanking new!!! YAY!

That's it for me as I want to play around with my new supermac before heading into work :-)

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  1. Very cute lobster! Have fun with the SuperMac!

  2. What a cute lobster! I get anxious, too, when my furry critter (a cat) gets sick. I'm sending happy thoughts your way to help with the stress that's going on.

  3. That lobster is cute for a sea creature! And have fun with your new Mac!! (I'm still holding off on replacing mine...)

  4. Hope pooch is OK..sending good thoughts..take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy that new computer!

  5. Lovely lobster! Nice facial expression.