Sunday, August 26, 2012

Year of Projects, Week 9

Year of Projects List
• Floor Poof
• Mom's Wrap (Christmas)
• T-Shirt rag rug
• Crochet clock
• Yarn bomb something
• Crochet dress for Adult Prom 2013 (June 2013)
• Liam's Blanket (June 2012)
• Carson's Blanket (November 2012)

After feeling like I haven't done much towards my YOP list I was able to get a little bit of something done this week! As some of you may remember I was unhappy with the blanket I had started for my nephew Liam and decided that frogging it may be the way to go. But then I had another bright idea, use the partial blanket towards one of my other YOP goals, Yarn Bomb something!!

Now I didn't just come up with this right away, it was only after frogging half the blanket and getting frustrated with the super soft variegated yarn that I used. Super soft means super frizzy (for lack of a better term)... Nice to work with but a bitch to frog as all those little frizzy soft fibers want to cling to other frizzy soft fibers and catch and make knots while frogging. UGH!! So to keep my mind busy I was reading about yarn bombing while frogging and then **AHA** why not use this piece of a blanket to yarn bomb something??? Genius, however delayed. Now to just figure out what to yarn bomb, I've got some ideas brewing.

Some more progress on Liam's blanket. I decided on the pattern and ordered the yarn! Yay! Hope to start on it once the yarn is in. It's my first time ordering yarn online so it will be interesting to see what the yarn feels & looks like in real life opposed to on the computer screen. Fingers crossed the yarn will be in tomorrow and next week I can actually show something that I have worked on for my YOP!!

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  1. Hope the yarn is just what you hope it is, I get most of my yarn online as I've no yarn store nearby but so far I'm done ok. Can't wait to see what your going to yarn bomb.

  2. Now I'm very curious about the new yarn and the new pattern. You haven't given us to many hints, have you?!

  3. I too order all my yarn online as there are no stores nearby. I've had really good luck but if you need recommendations just let me know!
    I can't wait to see your new project and I've never seen a yarn bomb so please take pictures! Have a great week!

  4. I have a yarn bomb idea for the town canon that I forgot about..thanks for the reminder....Ditto on the picture taking!

  5. Hope you get the new yarn, and it's perfect for the blanket! And a great idea, frogging super soft fuzzy yarn is never fun!

  6. I have yet to order yarn online yet, but many people do and they always appear happy. Can't wait to see/hear about your yarn bomb idea!