Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday, 8.29.12

Sooo.... what's wrong with this picture? I'll tell you what's wrong, I have more than one WIP... that hardly ever happens. I have been a bit ADD in my crochet this week, I started the skunk last week, but as I am not going from a pattern and am going to concentrate on the next two parts of it -- tail & stripe -- I have put her down when there is something else to concentrate on and picked up something more mindless. Like when watching a movie or tv with the husband. I wasn't going to start on something other than Liam's blanket but as the yarn had yet to arrive Monday night when we were watching some tv I started on the Pappilion Scarf although there was a bit of concentration when I started as the pattern isn't as clear as I would have liked (I try to follow what patterns I use to the T). So...

Row 2    Chain 3, 2 double crochets, chain 6, skip 4, 3 double crochets, chain 6, skip 4, 3 double crochets. Row 3    As row 2

...leads me to 3 dc starting at the 5th chain from the last row but that's not what you actually want, you want to start those 3 dc in the 3dc's from the last row. Easy to figure out once I got to the end of the row and things just didn't look right. Also easy to memorize the repeats and just go from there. This will be one of my Purple Stitch Project donations. I am using Cascade Pacific in colorway 37 -- some of the special yarn I bought just for the PSP.So the PSP donation is part of my Year of Projects, go me! I finally started on my list, only took me 10 weeks.... Oh, but lookie here I got my yarn in for Liam's blanket yesterday so I have started not one but TWO Year of Projects projects! I am doing the Retro Circle Blanket for Mr. Liam. As skeins I was unsure of how the colors would go together, but stitched up I really like them! Hopefully Liam & Sonia (his momma) will to! Bernat still has baby yarn on sale until tomorrow, maybe I can figure out colors for Carson's blanket and purchase by then.

That's it for me this week! Check in with Tami's Amis for more WIPs!

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  1. I hope you have fun juggling your WIPs this week. I love having more than one project at a time. It helps to keep things interesting.