Sunday, August 19, 2012

Year of Projects, Week 8

Year of Projects List
• Floor Poof
• Mom's Wrap (Christmas)
• T-Shirt rag rug
• Crochet clock
• Yarn bomb something
• Crochet dress for Adult Prom 2013 (June 2013)
• Liam's Blanket (June 2012)
• Carson's Blanket (November 2012)

Sorry I missed last week, we were headed home from New Orleans and it just didn't come together. Really didn't miss much as I still haven't started anything :-(

However as you will see I have put some due dates next to some of the projects above. This helps -- now I know what project to start on! Liam's blanket! No that isn't a typo, way back when I taught myself how to crochet I started a blanket for Liam and wanted it done for his 2nd birthday which was June 13th, 2012... I've since looked at the blanket I started and am really not a fan of it, it's obvious to me it was done while I was still a beginner and I think I will frog that one and start from scratch. Bernat has a sale on baby yarns right now so I'm going to go check that and see what colors I like. I also have a pattern in mind that is a variation of a stitch pattern that I am currently using to make my sister a headband and scarf. I think it will translate well into a blanket. I am still debating in my mind if the pattern will get too tedious if I do the entire length & width in the one pattern as one large block or if I change up the colors and do small blocks then join at the end. I am leaning towards the latter as it will be my first motif connecting experience but it really depends on the yarns/colors I end up using. Headed over to right now to check it out!


  1. Best to frog if you're not happy with it and start again! Good luck with the yarn shopping! I don't dare click the link since I'm supposed to be on a yarn diet :)

  2. Good idea putting dates to your projects, that lets you know at a glance what has to be started when. If your not happy with the blanket I'd say frog it as well.

  3. Once you're unsure on something it is hard to shake the idea, you're probably right to frog and find something which shows off your skills to their best.

    Good idea having dates, I could do with doing the same, mine is very haphazard!

  4. Took me 15 months to finish a pair of fingerless mitts for my sister, I wouldn't worry about being behind!

  5. Frogging can be our friend at times! There is not sense in putting in all that time and effort, only to be unhappy in the end. Smart thing putting those due dates in--hmmmm...maybe I should do the same?
    *smiles and cheers*

  6. Dates on projects is a good idea - I need to do that with a few more than I already have. The ones I really marked were those due by Christmas. YOUCH!

  7. I have 2 projects done in the past with Bernat's cotton was a nice yarn to work with. I could mark projects with dates..and then scratch out that date, make a new one..etc..I find I eventually just frog something I haven't worked on in a while..

  8. Great idea to have due dates, it really spurs you on to work. And frogging can feel so incredible, I frogged the first scarf I ever knot, and now I get to use the yarn for something I will actually wear.

  9. I love the idea of due dates on projects. Kind of makes you want to work on something to meet your deadline. Kind of sad that you have to frog Liam's blanket but hopefully you found some awesome yarn on Bernat and will get to work on the new one soon.