Tuesday, August 21, 2012

To-Do Tuesday, 8.21.12

An update for the To-Do Tuesday, gives an idea of what's on the list, what is slow going, what is getting done, and what I need a kick in the ass to get working on! What's on your To-Do List?

Crochet Queue
• Headband & Scarf for Mara (In Progress, Headband is done, working on finishing the scarf)
• Kira's Birthday Present
• Duck
• Giraffe
• Hippo
• Owl for KK
• Elephant for Drew
• Skunk
• Pink & Purple Giraffe
• Monkey
• Liam's blanket (In Progress -- Frogged old one, ordered yarn for new one)
• Rag Rug (from t-shirts/sheets)
• Crochet Clock {like these}
• Square Curtains (will have to find the pattern for these again...)
• Wool Eater out of my scraps {found here}
• Floor Poof from scraps to use at the Studio for Infant Poses

• Clean out Fridge
• Laundry
• Dishes
• Groceries

• Work on Crystal & Bryan's Wedding Photos
• Post Crystal & Bryan's Wedding Photos on KaitLavinPhoto.com
• Make a coffee table book for Crystal & Bryan
• Work on Melinda & Chad's Wedding Photos
• Post Melinda & Chad's Wedding Photos on KaitLavinPhoto.com

• Mara's Birthday Present -- Got a new idea for this, it includes a doily, now just need to find one.

Finished Items
• Boy & Girl Baby Stuffies, only requirement is cute (See them Here)
• Mosquito (See Him Here)
• Lion (See Him Here)
• Cheese from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (See Him Here)
 Put Lee Auto Grand Opening on KaitLavinPhoto.com

• Work on Lee Auto Sales Breakfast Photos
• Owl (See Her Here)
• Pig (See Her Here)

• Pack
• Stop Mail
• New Orleans Itinerary
• Owl #2
• Hat for Sage
• Laundry
• Dishes

• Lobster (See Him Here)
• Post Joe & Julie's Wedding Photos on KaitLavinPhoto.com (See them Here)

What's on your To-Do list? I will check in next week to give an update!

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