Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday, 8.1.12

August already? This is awesome in the fact that Mumford & Sons concert & vacation is just days away but not so awesome when I think that summer is almost over! Good thing I'm not in school anymore otherwise I'd really be bumming.

Only one WIP today as I had some FOs yesterday. (One of which I used some of my Cascade yarn and I am itching to work with more of it! It's a dream to work with, feels amazing!)

While on our mini vaca with the family last week I made a bunch of hats for the kids in the family. The DH thinks I will sell more of these than the stuffed animals come the holiday/winter season so I will try to make one in between every stuffie so that I have a bit of an inventory.

So one of my FOs yesterday was a softie so its on to a hat! I am using the Divine Hat pattern I found on Ravelry. So far so good!

While I was working on the other hats and especially the wine cozy last week I noticed that when I crochet in the round I go counter clockwise while a lot of the video tutorials go clockwise. Does this make a huge difference when getting into more complex patterns?

This current hat uses fpdc and what I have always thought as the "wrong side" seems to be the side that is getting the texture in it. Hmmmm will have to see how this turns out. Maybe the next hat should be identical but going clockwise and I will examine the differences.

Also --- any suggestions on airplane safe hooks & scissors?

That's what I'm up to, check out other WIPs over at Tami's Amis.


  1. It's a really pretty color. I like it so far. XD

  2. Ooh, yay for the Divine Hat! I've made two of those, it's such a great pattern---fast and fun and comes out looking all elegant.

    Re: airplane-safe hooks, I feel like I just read someone's blog entry (although I sadly don't remember where) saying they'd brought a wooden crochet hook on a plane and that was okay? But I guess you'd have to check with your airline's website to be sure...

    1. TSA has this to say about "Needlepoint":
      but nothing about scissors, will have to search more.

  3. I can't imagine to go clockwise. Did you maybe watch tutorials for left handed crocheters?

    1. I just looked at the tutorial again, he is crocheting counterclock wise however his "right" side is facing him while when I crochet my "wrong" side is facing me...