Friday, November 30, 2012

FO Friday, 11.30.12

Good Morning & Happy Friday!

Here is a FO from last week, it was the gift that I am pretty certain they have opened by now (who wouldn't want to open up wedding gifts asap?) It was my first rug made from recycled t-shirts. It was fun to make from start to finish, so much so that I worked on it so much I got a blister on my pinkie! Halfway through I was already dreaming of bigger and better rag rug projects. I have a TON of red t-shirts and was thinking of making a round rug by using a pattern for a mandala or even a granny square. Then I got on to thinking about dyeing white t-shirts to get the colors I want. So many possibilities! This was also one of my Year of Projects Projects!!

I also have a sweet little Monkey to share with you. Her name is Lucy. I think I will be adding a bow before she heads to her final home. Also I am going to get some better pictures once it warms up a bit today and get her posted on Etsy. She was made from a Fiberdoodles by K4tt pattern.

I was also able to finish this belted galloway cow on the way up to my friends wedding on Saturday. His name is Clyde. This had been in my WIP pile for months as it was started when I had only begun to crochet. Felt good to finally finish it. It is a modified Fresh Stitches design. The other two in the photo were finished last week and are also FS designs.

Headed to my crochet room to work on some more. May have a few more mini owls finished by the end of the day but who knows!

Checking in with my buddies at Tami's Amis.