Tuesday, November 13, 2012


A coworker of mine recently suggested the blog Down to Earth. In a recent post she explained how she went electric free for a weekend. I find this idea interresting and would love to try something like that.

However living on Maine, mid-November is not the time to do that. If I had a wood stove that would be a different story, but as our furnace requires juice to run it may be out of the question for right now. Plus trying to convince my husband may be another battle. "Honey it would be like camping less the bugs, sleeping on the ground and s'mores." Perhaps if I promise I would make him s'mores he'd agree to it...

What I can do, however, is go without electronics for a few days, no tv, computer, cell phone or ereader. It's daunting to "disconnect" like this and I find myself making excuses. "What if I miss an important call or email?" "What if a rush order comes through my Etsy shop?" But that's all those are, excuses. I can update my voicemail to have urgent calls reach out to my husband and set up a similar auto response for emails and texts and put a notice up in my etsy shops. Excuses begone! Now when should I start this? How about this weekend? Who's with me?

Unplugged weekend 2012, November 17th & 18th

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