Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday, 11.21.12

Good morning and happy Thanksgiving-eve! Headed to my in-laws tomorrow for dinner at 4, which means LOTS of crochet time in the morning/early afternoon! Which is good because I am still trying to build up inventory and this last week was a slow one.

I have a little owl in the works, another Fresh Stitches design. The two major parts -- head & body are done so now it's just the little details that make him an owl to finish. Should be done tonight, that's my goal anyway.

I also have another project that needs a boarder and to be blocked, but I am not going to show that just yet as it is a gift. I will show you soon enough don't you worry.

I guess it would be considered an FO but I re-organized my studio yesterday and now has more room for yarn and a spot for shipping supplies. Most of this is thanks to the fixtures & boxes I got from Sears while it's in liquidation. It went from this:
To this:

Much more yarn storage as the shoe holder (white plastic thing on the left in the top photo) could only hold 24 skeins. Now I can stack the skeins & balls and get much more in the same area with the new shelving. I also used two metal risers on the back of my work table which gives me much more working area. Now to just use it! Which is actually where I am heading once this post is complete and posted on Tami's Amis with all the other WIPs in our yarny blogasphere :-)

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